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A classic gravity feed airbrush with a powerful mini compressor with power control dial and airbrush holder. This Compact yet powerful system is compatible with Magic Colours Airbrush colours, classic and metallic*.

MC-100 Gravity Feed Airbrush
Extra Strong MC-100 Mini Compressor
Noise Silencer + Humidity Controller

Magic Colours™ Airbrush System MC-100

SKU: MC-100
  • • Cake Decorating • Craft • DIY Projects • Graphic Arts • Hobby • Nail Art • Stencilling and much more ...

  • The MC-100 is suitable for work with Magic Colours metallic colours. 99.9% (Or close to that) of the reasons for colour not to be sprayed correctly out of the airbrush is an uncleaned or clogged airbrush.
    You must make sure that your airbrush is thoroughly clean:
    1. Cleaning must occur immediately after use, to prevent drying of colour inside airbrush.
    2. Remove all leftovers from the airbrush using a cleaner liquid or warm water.
    3. Soak the airbrush nozzle and cup into a cup full of water and circulate until clean.
    4. with a cloth, clean the inner of the colour cup, you may find residues overther.
    5. Carefully clean the Needle. If you are not sure how to dissassemble the airbrush, stop ! consult an expert, or use a tutourial otherwise you may cause damage to you system.
    6. Make sure your nozzle is clean.

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