Magic Colours Group


R&D Center, Production & Distribution

POB 37, Ma’Ale Ha’Chamisha, 90835 Israel

Tel: (+972) 72 222 2525
Fax: (+972) 3 561 0110

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Czech Republic

Sales & Distribution

Jirotova 375, Blovice,
33601 Czech Republic

Tel: (+420) 377534297

Mobile: (+44) 7591 102176

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Production & Distribution

103-104 Kailash Nagar,

Ambala City, Haryana

134003 India

Ph : +91 9967801609

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Regional Distributers

United Kingdom

Sales & Distribution, Shesto Limited

Sunley House, Olds Approach, Watford WD18 9TB, United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 20 8451 6188
Fax: (+44) 20 8451 5450

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United Kingdom

Sales & Distribution, The Cake Decorating Company

Private Road 8, Colwick, Nottingham NG4 2JX, United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 115 969 9800

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The choice of champions ! Magiculata Premium Modelling Paste is specially designed for sugarcraft lovers who wants to take their craft to the next level. Enjoy it's smooth texture, pliabilty qualities, stability and ease of use for first time users as for professionals. Magiculata Premium Modelling Paste is selected by top artists worldwide Warning ! Magiculata Premium Modelling Paste is manufactured of top quality selected natural ingredients, and has a chocolaty signature taste. You might find out that some of your paste has a tendency to disappear during work. smiles around you may be of an explanation for suspicious activity.

Magiculata Modelling Paste - Snow White

Colour:: white

Some sugarcrafters tend to forget that a white sugarpaste may contain white food colour that will definitely affect the result of your work. so if you want the ultimate control of your spectrum, use the Colour Me I'm Natural Modelling Paste. Your work wil be vivid and brighter than ever