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Welcome to our Magic Inside blog!


Welcome Magic friends to our very first official post on the Magic Colours' website! All of us here at Magic Colours HQ, myself included, could not be more excited to have you here. There are so many inspiring and fun things I have planned to share with all you, Magics around the world, and cannot wait to get started.

Now that you are here, please stay (and subscribe) and let me tell you what I have planed for you. In this blog I am planning on offering you all that you need and want to know about cake decorating. The sky is the limit, and I mean it!

Here is a short list of what I have for you:

  • Every month I will feature a Magic Colours' Champion.

  • We will have a Cake of the Month contest on our social media channels and the winner will be highlighted here.

  • Previews and wrap-ups of trade shows around the world where Magic Colours will be attending.

  • Tutorials for the beginner, intermediate and advanced cakers.

  • Product announcements.

  • And more . . .

Please stay in touch with us thourgh Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (or mail) for more colourful exitment!

Thank you againg for steping in - I look forword to seeing you in the next upcoming post(s)

Sugar hugs,


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