Theresa Täubrich

  • Education/prizes: Pastry diploma (France 2013)

  • Cake philosophy: Always searching for new ideas

  • Signature style? I don’t know…

  • Brief history:  I always had love for cooking and creating, and back in 2011, all it took was one picture of fondant cake on the internet to change my career path for good. After that day, I knew I had to try cake decorating and soon thereafter I received my pastry diploma in Marseille. I opened up my own business, Dolce Dita with a studio in Marseille as well as a shop, Planète Gâteau.Significates milestones: cake classes with international cake decorating artists (Natalia da Silva, Kelvin Chua…)

  • Is there one project that stands out as significant or that you are extremely proud of?: No

  • Do you have a favorite cake?: Every cake has its own story, it’s hard to say…

  • What tips can you offer to newcomers?: Don’t give up, everyone can make beautiful cakes 

  • If you weren't a cake decorator, what would you be?: Translator and book writer

  • What is a 'typical' cake decorating day like for you?: A lot of pleasure in creating new things and trying new techniques

  • What do you do while you work?: I listen to music

  • What is always on your desktop? : My tool box

  • Which colours are your essentials? And which tools?: Every colour is magical if we put it in the right place…  

  • My favourite tool: my hands

  • What is your creative process for making cakes?: Thinking about the theme, trying to find new ideas and adapting it to different techniques




Photo Kitchenaid

Photo Kitchenaid







baby first bday2

baby first bday2

baby first bday1

baby first bday1

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