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Our Team is so much busy.

Creating. Smiles.

Early in the morning, the busy bees at Magic Colours (IL) site are coming for yet another day of production under the open eyes of Friel. A quick coffee, a small talk and off to the lines and lab. At the same time exactly, at the foothills of the Himalaya, Shikha is taking our team for yet another productive day at the Magic Colours (IN) site. Magic Colours products are available worldwide and supplied to dealers and distributors directly from our global teams in Europe, MIddle East and Asia or global network of dealers. 

Look for smiles around you; we may be closer to you than you think.

Magic Colours™ is a subsidiary of the Motek Sugarcraft Group. Established in 2001, the company offers a wide range of cake decoration products. We serve Cake Supply Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Bakeries, Cake designers, and Cake Decoration enthusiasts.

We manufacture the following product lines

Magic Colours™ Pro (Highly Concentrated Gel Colours)
Magic Colours™ Neon (Neon Effect Gel Colours)
Magic Colours™ Natural (100% Natural Cake decoration colours)
Magic Colours™ Jumbo & Skinny (Edible Marker Pens)
Magic Colours™ Colourful Royal Icing Powder Mix
Magic Colours™ Specialty food Additives and Ingredients
Magic Colours™ Edible Glue
Magic Colours™ Potions (flavors and extracts)

Magic Colours™ Choco Colours (Edible Gel Chocolate Colours)

Magic Colours™ SupaPowders (Edible Powder Chocolate Colours)
Magic Colours™ Airbrush Colours
Magic Colours™ Metallic Airbrush Colours
Magic Colours™ Ready Made Icing Cream (Squeeze Bottle)
Magic Colours™ Pixie Dust - Edible metalic dry spray
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Petal Dusting Powders
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Metallic Dusting Powders
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Metallic Paints
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Glitters
Magic Colours™ Magiculata Premium Modelling Paste

Magic Colours™ Magiculata Premium Sugarpaste

Magic Colours Group


R&D Center, Production & Distribution

POB 37, Ma’Ale Ha’Chamisha, 90835 Israel

Tel: (+972) 72 222 2525
Fax: (+972) 3 561 0110


For more information, ask for Yariv ))

Czech Republic

Sales & Distribution

Jirotova 375, Blovice,
33601 Czech Republic

Tel: (+420) 377534297

Mobile: (+44) 7591 102176

For more information, ask for Martin ))


Production & Distribution

103-104 Kailash Nagar,

Ambala City, Haryana

134003 India

Ph : +91 9967801609

For more information, ask for Shikha ))

Regional Distributers

United Kingdom

Sales & Distribution, The Cake Decorating Company

Private Road 8, Colwick, Nottingham NG4 2JX, United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 115 969 9800

For more information, ask for Jamie))

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