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Happy Easter Cupcakes

With Milka von Essen-Vilovski

Cake Pirate

Magic Colours Champion

Do you need an easy, quickly made idea for your Easter Sweet Table? Then Milka von Essen-Vilovski , aka @cake pirate 's happy Easter Cupcakes are exactly what you need. Enjoy making the cute Easter basket cupcakes, the sweet bunny and baby chicken


Before you can start to decorate your Cupcakes, you need to apply a little bit of buttercream on your cupcake and smooth it with a smoother. Do that with all three cupcakes.


For the next basic step you need 20g of yellow, green and grey fondant. Roll the first piece out by using the rolling pin. Then you check out which cutter fits over your cupcake, cut it out and cover your cupcake. Do so with the two left cupcakes. Put them into the fridge for a few minutes to set.


To make the Easter-Basket-Cupcake, knead 3/4th of the brown fondant very soft and press it through your Clay Extruder


Then take the pressed out strands and place them messy around your basket base.


Add some glue into the basket and stick your eggs into it. Now leave everything set a little bit and go on with the little Bunny-Cupcake


Take one of your round cutters, measure out which one fits to be the cheeks of your bunny


Attach them with some edible glue, press in some dots with the pointed side of your Dresden tool. Finally using your Dresden Tool, emboss some whiskers


For the ears roll out a one cm thick sausage, which is 4cm long.


Do the same with some pastel fuchsia fondant, but make it 0,5cm thick and 3cm long. Stick it on the ears, press the beginning flat and leave them dry about 15minutes.


For the cheeky little chick you make start with the eyes. As you did with your bunny, you carefully press the eye sockets into the cupcake with your small ball tool. Pay attention to place the eyes in the middle of the cupcake, because you will need some space for the eggshell. Roll a small orange ball, shape it into a cone and press the tip between your index finger and your thumb


Roll out some white fondant and cut out the same sized hemisphere as you did, when you first covered your cupcakes. Cut it in two pieces


Cut out some small and medium flowers with your  Plunger cutters


Put the bug flowers between the Blossom Sugar Art veiner for Petunias. Gently press it together


Now take a little drop of the metallic white colour (palette and colour not in picture) and just add the point of light into the bunnys and the chicks eyes


Finally attach the flowers to the side of the basket with some Magic Colours' edible glue


Happy Easter!!


Material/Tools used
Magic Colours Gel Colours:  Neon Yellow, Neon orange, Neon Pink, Fuchsia, Lilac, Neon Purple, Neon Green, Neon Blue, Chocolate Extra, Castle Grey
Magic Colours Dust Colours: Snow White, Summer Yellow, Lavender, Fuchsia, Deep Purple
Magic Colours' Edible Glue
280g of sugarpaste
3 cupcakes & Buttercream (45g Butter, 85g Powdered Sugar, ½ a teaspoon of Milk)
a small rolling pin, Dresden Tool big and small  Balltool, Scalpel, Round Cupcake Cutters, Scraper
Clay Extruder, Flower Blossom Plunger Cutter Middle and Small, brushes (One brush for the powder colours and one for the glue), Isopropanol or other Alcohol, a color Palette


Colour the sugarpaste by using Magic Colours Gel Colours:
30g neon yellow, 20g orange, 30g pale fuchsia, 10g neon-pink, 20g neon purple, 20g neon blue, 30g neon green, 50g castle grey, 30g chocolate extra, leave 20g white


For the next basic step you need 20g of yellow, green and grey fondant. Roll the first piece out by using the rolling pin. Then you check out which cutter fits over your cupcake, cut it out and cover your cupcake. Do so with the two left cupcakes. Put them into the fridge for a few minutes to set.


Take the rest, roll a ball, press it flat with your thumb and shape a basket with your big ball tool


Now it’s time to fill you Easter basket with coloured eggs. Choose some of the colours you like and shape same sized hemispheres. To make them look like eggs, make the tip a bit narrower by using your index finger and your thumb


Take the small end of your ball tool and carefully push into your cupcake. This will be your eye sockets. Now take some small amount of grey fondant and add some more castle grey fondant to make it darker. Roll two same sized balls, place them in the eye socket and press them flat


Roll some white fondant out with your rolling pin and cut out two cheeks.


Now it’s time for the nose and the ears. For the nose, simply take a small piece of the neon pink fondant. Roll a small ball, press one side between your index finger and your thumb and attach it to your bunny with some edible glue


Cut it into two pieces. Use your balltool to make it flat.


Attach them on your bunny and leave it leaned on something bigger now.


Shape the nostrils and the two sides of the beak with your Dresden tool




Cut out some eggshell looking tips. Stick the eggshells on your chicken



Then make some small yellow balls, put them in the middle of your flowers and press them flat with your ball tool. Finally add some shape with your Dresden tool. Now let them dry for a moment in a spoon or any arched thing.


Then you take the dust colours and mix snow white with lavender, some deep purple and some fuchsia. Take just a little bit on your brush and add some colours onto the bunnys and chicks cheeks.


All done!

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