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הצוות שלנו עסוק כל הזמן. 

בלייצר חיוכים )


Early in the morning, the busy bees at Magic Colours, are coming for yet another day of production. A quick coffee, some catching up and off to the lines.

Like many manufacturers in the cake decorating industry, we started as a family owned business back in 2003. Over the years we evolved and perfected our products. In 2021 Magic Colours merged with one of the leading manufacturers in the world of cake decoration, Gilro Ltd. and have made it's milestone evolution, implementing full automation and even higher production standards and logistic capabilities.

Magic Colours products are available worldwide and supplied to dealers and distributors directly from our warehouse in Alicante (Spain) or Jerusalem (Israel)

We serve Cake Supply Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Bakeries, Cake designers, and Cake Decoration enthusiasts.

We manufacture the following product lines

Magic Colours™ Pro (Highly Concentrated Gel Colours)
Magic Colours™ Neon (Neon Effect Gel Colours)
Magic Colours™ Specialty food Additives and Ingredients
Magic Colours™ Edible Glue
Magic Colours™ Potions (flavors and extracts)

Magic Colours™ Choco Colours (Edible Gel Chocolate Colours)

Magic Colours™ Super Dusts (Edible Powder Chocolate Colours)
Magic Colours™ Airbrush Colours
Magic Colours™ Metallic Airbrush Colours
Magic Colours™ Ready Made Icing Cream
Magic Colours™ Pixie Dust - Edible metalic dry spray
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Petal Dusting Powders
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Metallic Dusting Powders
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Metallic Paints
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Glitters
Magic Colours™ Premium Modelling Paste

Magic Colours™ Premium Sugarpaste

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