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Pixie Dust

The Magic Colours Pixie Dust will turn any cake designer to a magician ! Spray the dust over chocolate, sugar flowers, cream or any Icing and create metallic coats in a few seconds.

Start Airbrushing!

Enjoy the wide range of edible airbrush colours, classic colours and astonishing metallic colours


For Stunning Red Velvet Cake


Magic Colours PRO will ensure your work is easy, vibrant and accurate.
When Red is Red and Black is Black. As simple as that.

Natural Colours


Magic Colours Natural - These colours are made of 100% natural pigments derived from vegetable origin and organic oxides, thus qualify as vegan as well. this colours are suitable for colouring small quantities of sugarpaste and white chocoalte, royal icing etc. they produce a gentle pastel shade, and are highly recomended for painting on dry sugarpaste.

Our Champions 


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